somewhere behind sleep

from by Lux Interna


Death is a garden
Where all things grow
Life is a flower
Crushed under the snow
From starlight to blank night
From birth-rite to final night

Who is this god that’s brought before us
Before our eyes were open
Who is this reverberation
Life falling from his gaze
Our breath
Two pillars flank him
Upwards undulating
Immortality and death
Brothers of blood birth
They weave smoke
Through the garlands of his hair

Motioning to the doors
Half open but revealing naught
From fire or licking tongues of nothing
Where comes this and where goes this?
Where comes this and where goes this?

And all around I hear the heartbeats and motors
And all around I feel my fear

Tell me what alter does suffice
The laying up of books and sun-dried flowers
I bend my head but I cannot hear the name
That opened emptiness

I strain my ears
But I cannot make out the words that walk as guides in this world
In this world

And all of the verses
And all the endless reciting
All fall on one side of the curtain

And all of your praying
And all the ends in times decry
All fall to a dream
Without waking

Somewhere behind sleep
I can sense a close shadow
It is Him and it is you
It is truth and phantom

Soft feet in a garden
And a doorway creeping open

Soft feet in a garden
And there is a doorway creeping open


from absence and plenum, released March 30, 2002


all rights reserved



Lux Interna San Francisco, California

Apocalyptic Americana

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