from by Lux Interna


There’s a place that I know
Deep inside the pain of life
Where the shadows of our lights
Lie and wait for sacred night.

There’s a trembling in my hands
A sad and slow will to touch
The silence and the nullity
That echo deep within me.

So take my hands and hold
The confines of my soul,
So take my eyes to see…
For I can’t understand
No, I can’t understand…

There’s a path that twist before me
A hollow fragile road
And I can touch it’s longing
It’s far before I touch it’s promise
I can see the stars, dim, sterile, bright and far
As they echo out behind me,
In a slight October breeze…

So take my heart and feel
And take my limbs to walk
The way is waiting here
Amongst the symbols of our fear…
And I can’t understand,
No I can’t understand…

And the voice carries me
But I can’t understand…
And the silence swallows me
But I can’t understand…
And the sky opens me
But I can’t understand,
No I can’t understand…

So take my eyes to see
Take my ears to hear
Take my hands to touch,
For in the hollows of the heart
Reason is torn apart,
And I can’t understand
No I can’t understand…


from ignis mutat res, released May 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Lux Interna San Francisco, California

Apocalyptic Americana

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